Weekly Penguin
May 22th, 2008

From Express to Standard

Like I just posted in news section, I've spent the first fistful of Euros in name of TAGAP 2 and bought the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition.

First I want to emphasize that our decision to move away from Express edition has nothing to do with the product being incompetent or anything like that. Visual C++ Express Editions have served us extremely well, as until this purchase the whole project was programmed with them. My advice is to use and support the Express Editions, they'll be more than enough for most of your programming needs.

Actually, I decided to move forward to commercial versions mainly because I liked the Express versions so much. Sort of like, if the free versions are this good, the retail ones will rock my socks off. Significant part of this story is also the success of TAGAP. We desire to support TAGAP and the players all the ways we can. With Standard Edition we can provide even better support and compatibility – and that alone is well worth the 350 Euros.

And by the way, that 350 Euros honestly isn't much. For development software of this caliber Visual Studio is definitely ridiculously cheap, as for that sum you'll get all the Visual Studio products. Besides, Photoshop alone cost me almost 800 Euros and after that all this felt like some dimes left in my pocket.

Finally, some of you may wonder why Standard Edition and not Professional Edition. While there is a significant price cap, that wasn't the reason. If I got it right, the Professional Edition's main selling point is its more tuned up development network capabilities – you know, it's designed for a group of programmers working on the same code base. Here at Penguin DT I do all the programming by myself, so I don't need such features, simple as that.

Now, back to mapping TAGAP 2. No rest for the wicked, not even when the debugging is on hold for things to come.

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin