Weekly Penguin
July 2nd, 2008

Wrapping up

Finally TAGAP v1.7 is done. Now all I have to do is to compile and test the installers for both the upgraded setup and the update. It's been very time-consuming crunch-mode phase here at Penguin DT, even so that now I'll take a small, about a week of vacation from TAGAP development. Well, it probably won't be a week, half a week more likely, as I trust I can't keep myself away from this project.

Once I've recharged my batteries, I'll get back to work once again, re-starting that promised TAGAP Lite version project, putting together the 64x version, as well as continuing work on TAGAP 2.

Speaking of TAGAP 2, just yesterday I captured the rest of the preview screenshots for the update. There will be three shots, each showcasing a different section of the game, each with unique setting. I had hard time figuring out should I focus on A) general atmosphere and gameplay feats or B) new enemies and gizmos. Finally I decided to follow path A. You will see healthy dose of re-designed enemies, a couple of level-specific zombies, as well as one brand new foe. Hopefully this way you'll get a picture of where TAGAP 2 is headed, both gameplay and tech wise.

Next week is also special in TAGAP land. On Sunday we'll have our first of the two TAGAP-related anniversaries this year and thanks to that, next Weekly Penguin will be something really, really special. More on both subjects next week (I know, it's an evil tease).

And the week after you'll be treated with more TAGAP 2 goodies; We'll be launching our new mostly-regular blog feature "Making of TAGAP 2" and the first edition will feature those screenshots for now exclusive to TAGAP v1.7, accompanied with thorough commentary AND extra shots.

While I may be off to a small vacation away from TAGAP crunch mode, it's just a calm before storm – and not just any kind of storm, it'll be raining penguins!

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin