Weekly Penguin
August 8th, 2008


OverClocked Remix, the greatest videogame remix community in existence, has just released their eleventh full-length remix album, Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta. Darker and edgier than its predecessor, The Dark Side of Phobos, Delta-Q-Delta is soon becoming my favorite OCR album to date.

It's no secret I'm one of the biggest Doom-fanboys out there, nor shouldn't it be a surprise I love it's soundtrack, so it felt only natural I contributed to the project the best way I can; In form of album artwork. My involvement with the project began right after finishing the artwork for Mazedude's The American Album: Special Edition. I asked Mr. Mazedude if there was any OCR project going on to which I could contribute to – after all, I've been OCR's regular listener for almost as long as the project has existed. Since I'm not a musician, I haven't been able to contribute to the project, so getting all the goodies free started to feel a bit like leeching and I wanted to give something to the community. And when the opportunity came – and in form of Doom – I knew this was the time.

But the artwork is just the wrapping, something to put you into the mood when picking the album from your CD rack or downloading it from the Net. It's about the music and it's pure brilliance. Featuring most of the OCR all stars – including The Orichalcon, Mazedude, Big Giant Circles, OCR-honcho djpretzel himself – and covering most of the memorable Bobby Prince's tunes, it's a gem crafted by fans, for fans, with love.

Enough talk, head to Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta site and enjoy one of the best game soundtracks of all time like never before.

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin