Weekly Penguin
September 30th, 2008

Rumour control

It's been pretty quiet recently around here and it's been over a month since the latest TAGAP blog update. This has apparently woken concerns about state of TAGAP 2 and this project in general. Fear not, lack of updates is actually sign of our dedication to the project. I've had month of changes in my non-TAGAP life and as result I had to temporarily cut something short – and as I didn't want to cut TAGAP 2 progress, I decided to tune down site updates and other related activities.

As for replies, I'll try to answer all your questions, though for a while it can take some time. I'm getting things back to the normal order on the forums, but our Penguin DT mail is another thing; it fell a victim of some evil spam scheme. All the sources are now blocked, but cleaning things up will take while, there's about a gigabyte worth of clean-up to do.

By the way, to ensure TAGAP 2 keeps going forward despite all things going on, I've developed a codex to live by. It's a simple rule, 'not a day shall pass without something being produced for TAGAP 2'. It has kept things moving forward nicely.

Recently I've been playing, not so surprisingly, Duke Nukem 3D, which was finally re-released for Xbox Live Arcade last Wednesday. And after finishing it for first time in about five years I still think that it's, together with Doom, the best game ever made. Oh, I've been playing the latest Turok, too, but honestly it doesn't spin my socks. In fact it was one of those rare cases when I had to force myself to play trough it. Perhaps I had fond memories of the original two Turok games, or perhaps it just wasn't for me.

And those promised 'Making of TAGAP 2' blog entries are on the way. Hopefully next month, then 🙂

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin