Weekly Penguin
March 31st, 2009

Blog, the grand Q&A edition

I've received a healthy dose of interesting questions regarding all things TAGAP during the last few months via our feedback form, so I'll try to answer them in this Q&A edition of our blog before I resume with Making of TAGAP 2 feature. Without further ado, here we go;

Things have been slow and at times very wonky at the website. Are you focusing on TAGAP anymore?

On the contrary, right now I'm focusing on TAGAP 2 more than ever before, which in fact is the main cause of lack of updates. Content creation is heading on at full speed, don't worry. As for the site issues, we've solved them for now. Most of these issues have been out of our hands, which is quite understandable in freeware production like ours.

I spotted some really interesting trivia tidbits about TAGAP on MobyGames. Are these for real?

Yes, they are official facts I posted there some time ago. So, if you are interested in TAGAP trivia like the very origins of our enigmatic title, check TAGAP entry at MobyGames.

Is there Penguin of the Year contest this year?

Propably not, but you never know. We're focusing exclusively on development at the moment, but we'll see if I can manage to find the time to organise another contest soon.

What is the latest thing you made for TAGAP 2?

Heh, as of writing this blog entry it's, believe it, a port-a-john (comprised of one entity, three sprite frames and two sound effects). You'll see 😉

What is the last game you bought?

For me it's Surf's Up and Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for Xbox 360. Petja, I believe, most recently bought Death Tank from Xbox Live Arcade.

What are Penguin DT's picks for 2009 GOTY?

My pick is, not-so-surprisingly, the re-release of Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox Live Arcade. Every bit as super-awesome as before, it was a breath of fresh air among dark and angst-filled FPS gaming of today. No other game inspired me as much last year as this retro gem.

Petja's choice is Left 4 Dead. At first I was quite doubtful about the game due to its extreme simplicity and short length, but after joining Petja in some split-screen co-op zombie survival, I understood what the buzz was about. If you enjoy white-knuckles suspension and balls-to-the-wall action, Left 4 Dead is an apt choice.

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin