Weekly Penguin
May 12th, 2009

Update from the dungeon

Here is a small status report from Penguin DT dungeons. I originally meant to write this post last week, but that week was the worst one in ages for the geeks like me. First we saw most-likely-cancellation of Knight Rider, which was followed by the most devastating news I've heard in years; The death of 3D Realms and Duke Nukem Forever.

This actually finally pounded to my head how bad this recession has become. Knight Rider has been relatively successful show, but 'relatively' means nothing today as the purses are tightened. As for Duke, I hate to say it but I'm not exactly surprised, yet I'm still disappointed as hell. I understand that during recession acquiring funding for the ultimate vaporware-legend is difficult, but giving the talent and quality driving 3D Realms, I was optimistic that the publishers would see the brilliance. The rare occasion I had faith in species other than penguins was a let-down, it seems. Lesson learned.

The reason I'm bringing this up is that we actually got an eMail asking if this on-going recession has an impact on Penguin DT and/or TAGAP 2. The answer is 'not really'. If anything recession is helping TAGAP 2, a bit. I recently became unemployed, mostly thanks to this economic hustle, and thus I have more time for TAGAP 2. Other than that, we have the questionable luxury of being a non-profit team, thus relieving us from the burden of things like getting funds and bankruptcy.

TAGAP 2 development is going on steadily. I just finished one pretty damn sweet looking action sequence which I hope I can introduce sometime in the not-so-distant future. Just when I thought we've reached the peak of TAGAP 2 engine, I come up with stuff like this (yes, I'm such a teasing bastard).

I was recently asked on the forums about TAGAP 2 release schedule, but for now I can't give you any specific date – or even an year. The thing is that TAGAP 2 development has proven to be slower than expected; While we do have the technology ready, the insane amount of detail that goes to every scenery is time consuming. In case of TAGAP we deliberately cut corners details-wise in order to speed up the development, but in case of TAGAP 2 we are not going to do it – we intend to make the game as awesome stunner as we can.

That being said, we are developing the game in chronological, linear order and I'm currently working on level 13 (of 19) in single player campaign. So don't worry, if TAGAP 2, the delay won't be years but months.

Also, me and Petja have had a couple of discussions about TAGAP 2 teaser and/or trailer. We haven't recorded any footage yet, though. Its not that TAGAP 2 isn't ready for it gameplay-graphics-sound wise, but the code is still partly unoptimized and all debug code. For those not into programming, this means that the code is 100% functional, but has additional bug-squashing stuff running at all time, making the game over 50% more of a resource hog. As we are using FRAPS to capture the footage, we need to create an optimized non-debug build before I can capture footage smoother than a slide show on my laptop.

And finally I'm planning to do more frequent website and blog updates in near future. Hopefully I don't get buried too deep within TAGAP 2 to make the plans come true 😃

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin