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July 14th, 2011
Making of TAGAP 2

Voice over session

While we've received a couple requests for 'behind the scenes' video features, the truth is there really isn't much worth documenting, just two geeky dudes sitting in front of computers. Honestly, it would be a bit like watching grass grow – except it's beards instead grass. There was one exception, though; March 3rd, 2011, or as we'll remember it, "TAGAP 2 voiceover day".

On that day, all of us (me, Petja and Timo) got together at Petja's house, which he had, for that day, rigged as a DIY recording studio. Armed with a script full of emoticons and doodles describing the 'lines' to be delivered and a bag of disgustingly sweet, sticky candy, the recording started at around 12 o' clock. The process itself differed greatly from how things were done with first TAGAP. Then we had just a crappy computer microphone (with a stereo plug) and random notes on paper – as opposed to proper studio microphone, separate recording booth and an actual script. As we suspected, the results were so much better we went on to re-record every single tidbit of Pablo's emoticon-dialogue, resulting in both crisper and fresher soundscape.

Timo Liimatta was first to record the lines of General Primo. He was actually a bit ill at the time, so given the nature of Primo's vocal output – plenty of evil laughter and megalomanic ranting – we took a break at one point. Timo did a remarkable job, truly nailing Primo's villainous character. I was up next, re-doing the voice of Pablo. The idea was to re-record every single voice clip of the past game and throw in several new variations in order to freshen up it all. Last one to the recording booth Petja Heiskanen and the voice of Pedro. He had to, essentially, do all the same stuff as I, only in more of an anti-hero way. Even though Petja had so many lines to deliver, he was the fastest to wrap things up, most likely thanks to the past recording experiences as a musician.

And then there was 'that noise'. I won't go into too much detail on what it is without spoiling the scene, but yes, it will actually be in the game.

Without any further ado, here is TAGAP 2: Behind the Scenes video;

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin