Weekly Penguin
April 1st, 2020

TAGAP update mega-bundle

After a couple of months hiatus from the blog, we're back with a bang! First things first;

TAGAP updates bundle

Today sees the megabundle of updates for TAGAP – all three games get a major patch! Classic TAGAP gets several important fixes, TAGAP 3 gets the Classic TAGAP improvements like 21:9 support – and both of them get another round of optimisations and tweaks. For the full list of fixes, check out the version histories for Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3.

Of course, the updates are available at Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3 downloads sections – as installers, plain zip files and as smaller patches.

The reason why it took so long to get these updates out is two-fold. For the more obvious one is that this was huge work-load. A full optimisation sweep for three games – all the while trying to further a fourth game – and all done by one dude? Yeah, it was a lot. I will take this as a lesson and in the future I'll scatter the releases – focusing on one major update at a time.

However, this may not be necessary. The whole reason why I didn't just make a bunch of quick patches and opted to do the full code sweeps is that this could act as 'the ultimate versions of TAGAP' – with as many improvements to the foundations as I could muster.

And why did I do this? Considering what's happening in the world, I want TAGAP to be future proofed – whether I'm here to work on it or not. This may sound grim, but TAGAP should now be, both technically and very soon legally, able to carry on even if I rot away due to the latest Chinese viral craze.

Naturally I'd prefer to work on TAGAP myself, but the past few years have thought me anything, being over-optimistic about one's future is nothing short of foolish.

What am I working on right now?

Since the last blog update, I've created two rough drafts for levels and prototyped the first boss fight against the new to-be-revealed antagonist. That's on top of these new Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3 updates! Until I wrote that down, I honestly thought I haven't progressed at all recently, but hey – happy to be wrong.

Right now I've started crafting the return of a certain classic enemy. This was actually a lot harder than I expected. Re-creating this enemy, while making sure it remains loyal to the original concept yet feels completely fresh, has been a challenge. This applies to both the gameplay mechanics and the audiovisuals.

Hopefully I can share this bad boy in the not-too-distant future.


Playlist is a regular feature in our Penguin DT blog; A chance to highlight cool games both old and new that I've been playing. As always, I believe that in order to make games, you need to play them, preferably with a broad scope when it comes to genres, so each day I dedicate at least an hour to actually playing games. The rest of the free time? There is no such thing, it all belongs to TAGAP!

Yeah. It's been all about DOOM – from the orignal two, to DOOM 3 and its expansions – to the DOOM 2016 and the absolutely insane DOOM Eternal.

I won't go into too much detail on DOOM Eternal since I have one message to everyone reading this; you need to play DOOM Eternal. Like, right freakin' now. It is the fastest, most brutal and most intense first person shooter I have ever played. Considering I've played almost all of them, that's saying something.

One pro-tip for playing it, though. I've read many comments how the 'pressure unit' enemies are too much like bullet sponges. This is false. Every enemy in the game has their weakness – and finding that is the key to taking them out really fast. The Marauder seems to give folks the most grief – bringing some 'professional reviewer' types to tears – but you can take it out fast via hot-swapping between super-shotgun and the Ballista.

This is not to be that dip-shit shouting 'git gud'. Instead, I shout 'experiment!'. Every single weapon in the DOOM Eternal arsenal has its role in exploiting specific weaknesses. It's all about finding the right tool against each threat – and the fastest way to fail is to stick to one gun with religious fervour.

Also, you'll want to play DOOM 64 again after Eternal – so you might as well put that one in the download cue as play the new game. Night Dive has done another masterful remaster job on it. I was a bit sceptical if I would prefer it over the old fan-made ports, but no, the new port is – for once – the superior one.

So yeah, go play DOOM Eternal and DOOM 64.

What's next?

In the world of TAGAP – returning full-time to TAGAP 4 and those afore-mentioned classic enemies!

On the games front, I'm a bit baffled. If all shooters felt like cardboard right after witnessing DOOM '16, after Eternal they'd have no chance. Perhaps something virus-themed? Resident Evil 2 or Innocence: A Plague Tale? Timely immersion! 😬

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin