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December 24th, 2021
Making of TAGAP 4

Spotlight: Dr. Glowenko

We have three things for you in celebration of surviving yet another year in this crazy world. Let's start with:

TAGAP 4 arrives in 2022!

Considering the madness going on in the world, I'm hesitant to set a fixed date, but 2022 it is. That gives you just enough time to get to know your new Overlord!

Meet Dr. Glowenko

TAGAP 4 Character Spotlight: Dr. Glowenko

1920×1080 1920×1200 3840×2160 (4k)

If you've played the original TAGAP, you'll remember Dr. Glowenko – the constantly laughing mad scientist who made the cybernetic penguins we see fighting in all our games. He was a bit of push-over, wasn't he?

In TAGAP 4, Pablo finds himself in a timeline where Dr. Glowenko was unstoppable and he now rules the planet with a latex fist. Though you'd think it was just because this universe didn't have Pablo – and that is part of it – but this Glowenko is mad in different way. He laughs less and gets more things done.

It started with a power-move and taking over his contractor RE Pharmaceuticals – and now Glowenko Industries is positioned as the industry. As in, almost all of them. And it all is protected by Glowenko's own private military GSEC, which has replaced the law enforcement and military forces of the countries under his 'Global Management Contract'.

Yeah, he isn't just a laughing background character this time around!

Diagetic art

With the reveal of our lead villain, I'm also happy to announce that his exploits will be chronicled by a great artist, who you should already be familiar with; Poison Sleeper. If the name doesn't ring any bells, the amazing art pieces certainly will;

For TAGAP 4, Poison Sleeper is creating plenty of diagetic art – nature of some I won't say right now because spoilers. But some of the art is obviously propaganda glorifying the ruler of the world!

Diagetic art by Poison Sleeper
Diagetic art by Poison Sleeper

Welcome aboard, Poison Sleeper!

Holiday Greetings

Just ICYMI, our Holiday Greetings from feature this year;

Weekly Penguin Season's Greetings

To share the card, use this permanent link: https://www.tagap.net/pow/p748.htm

Happy Holidays everybody – we survived another year, time to celebrate!

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin