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Content policy and license

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In layman's terms; if it happens that TAGAP causes you some brain damage, blows up your computer, screws up your OS or turns your computer self-aware resulting total annihilation of human race, too bad. It was YOU who INSTALLED the software. Despite heavy testing our computers are still up and running, but thanks to many wise-ass lawyers and legal trolls we have to warn you about the worst-case-scenarios.

Distribution rights

All TAGAP games are freeware; they are FREE to download and have no monetization what-so-ever (NO ads, NO microtransactions and NO subscription). They are also free to distribute and you are encouraged to share the games any way you please; Internet, Torrents, USB drives, floppy discs... you name it! The only catch is you have to do it for free – you are not allowed to sell TAGAP games or otherwise use them for commercial gain.

There are a couple exceptions to this. These are pretty obvious, but since there are videogame companies abusing existing systems and making life needlessly difficult, we thought we'd need to address these separately;

  • Cover discs

    We wholeheartedly endorse magazine cover DVDs/CDs. Heck, in our student days we spent countless hours going through these for awesome freebies and demos. If you wish to feature TAGAP games on one of these, just let us know of any contracts we'd need to sign. Just remember to mention that TAGAP is not exclusive to your distribution and that it can be shared further and we're golden!

  • Let's Play- and other audio/video content

    By all means, Let's-Play TAGAP all you like. We will never go after you with a DMCA complaint. On the contrary, if you put together something cool, drop us a line and we'll share it on our site as well! Heck, we liked izraqthedark's stuff so much he ended up doing the intro v/o for TAGAP 2!

  • Reviews, news etc.

    YouTubers and pundits get paid for writing/casting stuff and if the subject matter is TAGAP, that's fine. More than fine; it's a paycheck for you and free advertisement for us 😁

If you have a commercial thingy you want to share TAGAP titles through and it doesn't fit into the exceptions mentioned above, feel free to contact us anyway. Perhaps we can make it work regardless.

Privacy policy

This website doesn't use cookies or tracking. Some embedded elements (specifically YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud and Itch.io) may require cookies or scripts being enabled, but denying them doesn't affect the core functionality of the site and you will be able to download the games regardless.

When contacting us, the user details will be kept private and won't be given to third parties. We won't store these details, either. The same policy applies to all contacts made to us through this site or social medias we are on. We also won't publish opinions of the individuals contacting us without asking permission first.


TAGAP games use FMOD API for sound. Copyright © Firelight Technologies, Pty, Ltd. Used under the terms of the free indie license.

For more information, visit: www.fmod.com.

FreeImage Project

TAGAP games use the FreeImage open source image library. See freeimage.sourceforge.net for details. FreeImage is used under the FreeImage Project License (FIPL) version 1.0.

TAGAP wouldn't be here without OpenGL. OpenGL® and the oval logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the United States and/or other countries worldwide. For more information, visit: www.opengl.org.

TAGAP 4 uses GLSL shaders based on Romain Dura's Photoshop math examples. Copyright © 2012, Romain Dura [email protected]. The full acknowledgement and license are available for you to read in license-photoshopmath.txt.