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Weekly Penguin 482

This week's penguin is a special one; Meet Martin le Pingouin. Martin is a hand-crafted fellow from London, created by Marine Pacaut. Not only is Martin adorable, he also helps out real penguins in need; 20% of the sales of these guys goes to SANCCOB, the great penguin charity we've featured prominently here before.

Martin's entry might seem a bit more, well, 'photographic' than our usual fare. Well, as it happens, Martin is getting a spot at a Christmas market in London, so for the occasion Marine Pacaut asked if we could get photos of this fellow in a Finnish landscape. Me and Petja loved the idea, grabbed Martin with us and went location hunting. What you see here is Martin trying to blend into the local bird-life by sitting in a rowan tree.

We were also asked for a photograph with Martin posing with his new owner. Whilst I usually try to refrain from posting photos of myself, Petja's photography is so great it needs to be featured;

The Other Penguin

If you'd love to adopt Martin le Pingouin and help real penguins by doing so, just head to the this little fellow's Twitter or Facebook and let them know you're interested!

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Added: 2016-11-01