Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 499

Last week I introduced you to legitimate penguin bling in form of a silver penguin pendant. I also mentioned that there was an unexpected reason why ended up in the jeweller's in the first place. Well, you are looking at it!

See, this adorable plush penguin was marketed as something you'd get if you bought something from the certain campaign at the Kultajousi jeweller's around the holidays last year. When I walked past the store, their in-window ad with this penguin caught my eye. So, in I went – and as it turned out, this campaign just happened to include the last week's penguin pendant.

This cute fellow comes with a small backpack, ideal for storing the pendant. I can totally see how this penguin-jewellery combo could make a great gift set, but obviously I'm not parting with mine.

Also available as Wallpaper

Added: 2017-02-28