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Weekly Penguin 537

One week after the third penguin apocalypse – and one of the most epic Weekly Penguin entries we'll ever have. So, what to do as a follow up?

How about the third-most-epic Weekly Penguin entry to date?

What you see here is a painting painted by penguins! The idea is simple enough; the artists walk across a puddle of non-toxic, feather-friendly paint and have fun frolicking around the canvasses laid on the ground. What results is an epic painting worth bazillion Pollocks in my eyes!

All this may seem familiar – in fact you've seen something like this here before. The difference is that the previous one, though of superb quality, was 'just' an art print. This one? This is the 'Penguin Picasso' original! Yes, the real deal!

The artists behind this piece are a trio of African Penguins - Rey (pink), SeeKoei (blue) and Durban (green). Here's Durban doing his thing!

Durban the Artist

While getting one of these is relatively easy if you live near to a zoo that does this kind of thing, the zoos only sell the paintings to the folks who attend the experience live on location. Since Finland is basically the butt-end-of-nowhere when real penguins are concerned, I've been out of luck all this time. And then Invest in the Nest happened.

Invest in the Nest was an awesome Kickstarter project about creating man-made nesting burrows for African Penguins – whose nesting grounds have been taken over or destroyed by humans. I was on board the project on the idea alone, but lo' and behold, they also offered some genuine penguin paintings as pledge tiers!

Huge thank you to the artists Rey, SeeKoei and Durban for the masterpiece. And also thanks to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) for both supporting penguins in such an epic way... and giving me an opportunity to have this gem in my collection and on my wall.

Also available as Wallpaper

Added: 2017-11-21