Weekly Penguin

Of course TAGAP 3 is this week's Weekly Penguin. I mean, what else? Truly, this has to be the second most epic penguin we've ever had, only beaten by the great duo Jack and Ricky of ZSL. In fact I really have to think hard how to follow this up next week.

By the way, in case you are stumbling on this site for the first time in wake of TAGAP 3, Weekly Penguin is a feature were we introduce penguin collectibles and items from the personal collections of our penguin-obsessed head penguin Jouni. He has been collecting penguins for decades and though we've already covered over 500 of them, there is no end in sight!

So, if wacky penguin collectibles – ranging from plush toys and figurines to real artwork and even jewellery – are your thing: We have a new item to feature every week, on Tuesdays!

So, feel free to bookmark: https://www.tagap.net/weeklypenguin

Added: 2017-11-14