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Weekly Penguin 539

As a timely feature, here is a chocolate Christmas calendar from Kinder. Yes, Kinder isn't just about those amazing surprise eggs we've featured multiple times here on Weekly Penguin arena. I don't usually go for these chocolate calendars – if I do buy a X-mas calendar, it's a Lego one – but I couldn't pass these penguins on the shop isle.

And as far as chocolate calendars go, this is among the best I've had. While most of these are usually filled with what is the chocolate equivalent to cardboard, the Kinder ones act more like a 'Kinder sampler plate'; behind each 'door' is an individually packed taste of all the different kinds of chocolates Kinder sells. So, even if Christmas calendars are not your thing but you'd love to know what else Kinder does besides the eggs, this isn't a bad way to go about it.

Added: 2017-12-05