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Weekly Penguin 593

The Weekly Penguins return to their normal schedule!

Year 2019 begins with a sequel of sorts to the previous entry, which was a tribute to my Mom, who passed away in December. Then I mentioned that where I collect penguins, my Mom collected raccoons and koalas. Now her collections have been passed onto my care.

So, it is time to welcome these new critters to my penguin family!

Here, welcoming the newcomers is the one-and-only Funky Penguin, who we have featured multiple times in the past. The cheeky critter on the left is the real Löhönen – the adorable fellow from the commemoration post and my mom's favourite raccoon. Its wash tag has worn off from being carried along, so I don't sadly know the manufacturer.

The patriotic Aussie on the right is a koala my Mom called Sidney. I'm not sure if this was her favourite of the koalas, but it overlooked her mini-office, where she wrote all her letters to her many, many friends all over the world. Sidney is a souvenir plush toy from C.A. Australia Pty Limited and their Jumbuck line.

Koalas weren't the only thing from Australia Mom loved, mind you – it was a joke between us that every times she went to look for Aussie animals online, she discovered a new, cute animal to adore.

So welcome, new friends! The focus will stay on the penguins here on Weekly Penguin arena, but if you so allow, I will feature some of these other critters along them. And there more than raccoons and koalas here, including one very special sloth. We wouldn't want all these cute fellows feel left out from the fun, right?

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Added: 2019-01-01