Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 633

Well, it starts earlier and earlier each year – Christmas stuff is already everywhere in stores. On a plus side, plenty of holiday décor also means plenty of Christmassy penguins! Let's start with the latest Kinder chocolate product featuring the familiar penguin design – as seen with the previous chocolate eggs and the advent calendar. This one is actually isn't an egg, but a penguin shaped chocolate figure. It still features a surprise within, though – it is a Kinder surprise product after all.

This is a bit of a quick post, but fear not, there's a new photo shoot incoming. This one focuses on ceramic and glass penguins I've been too nervous to transport to photo shoots. However, some of them have been waiting for their Weekly Penguin turn for years, so I'm setting up one big session to shoot 'em all in one go. So, stay tuned for plenty of beautiful penguin art pieces in the near future!

Added: 2019-10-08