Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 756

I wasn't intent on doing two Penguin Research albums in a row, but since we're on the topic and I kind of lost the track of time concentrating on the art assets for the 'previously on TAGAP' segment of TAGAP 4, here we go!

The follow-up to the previous one is the 2018 EP Kinjitsu kōkai dainishō (近日公開第二章) is every bit as energetic. It's short but to the point – there's even an argument to be made about that EP format could make this a better introduction to the band, especially those not already familiar with Japanese pop-rock as a genre.

As with most albums released in Japan, this too had multiple variants. What I have here is the 'regular edition', but there is also at least a DVD one as well.

Added: 2022-02-15