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TAGAP 2: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 2

TAGAP 2 features a brand new funky soundtrack composed, arranged and produced by Petja Heiskanen. The soundtrack covers wide range of genres, all the while sounding distinctly, well, TAGAP.

Track list

  1. TAGAP 2 Theme Song
  2. Track One
  3. Hitting the Underground
  4. Challenge Him 2.0
  5. Challenge the Mutant
  6. Hawaii Mustache
  7. Run 'n Funk
  8. Primo the Mighty Boss Penguin
  9. Jungle
  10. Jungle on Fire
  11. Who's the Doctor?
  12. Fighting Against Mental Disorder
  13. Creeping Insanity
  14. Seven Little Miner Penguins
  15. Elevator Music
  16. Pablo's Ranch
  17. Testosterone Pills
  18. Don't Leave Me, Pablo!
  19. Underwater Expedition
  20. Funk It Again
  21. Elfmen 'n Goblins
  22. Kill Pill
  23. Pablo the Riding Knight
  24. Fight!
  25. Mr. Hammond and the Crew
  26. Groovy Discoballs
  27. Major Tits
  28. Acid Penguin
  29. Omnipotent Penguinator
  30. Sempervirent Penguinator
  31. Primo Proge
  32. Primo the M. G. E. E. B. P.
  33. Pablo, Pedro & Pingu 2011
  34. Uhanalainen
  35. Worse Than a Dead Penguin
  36. Score – Intro
  37. Score – Introducing Primo
  38. Score – Primo Escapes
  39. Score – Behold the UMP!
  40. Score – The Parachute
  41. Score – Funking Up Wagner
  42. Score – Flying Thieves
  43. Score – Primo's Masterplan
  44. Score – Pablo Knievel
  45. Score – Into the Belly of the Beast
  46. Score – Fall of Primo
  47. Score – Triumphant!
  48. Score – The End

running time: 1 hour and 48 minutes


Like TAGAP 2 itself does with the gameplay, the soundtrack, too, triumphs over the original in every way that matters. Unlike with the first soundtrack that started as a MIDI project and gradually grew into a full-audio production, the sequel had the proper production values from the start and the maestro Petja Heiskanen had all the knowledge on how to utilize them.

Clearer direction didn't hurt either, as the soundtrack of TAGAP 2 sounds a lot more like a whole despite the greater variety of genres present. The song that laid the groundwork was "Mr. Hammond and the Crew", the very first song Petja composed for the game in late 2007. Shuffle rhythm, wah-guitars and overdose of Hammond became the signature sound of TAGAP 2.

Another interesting anecdote about the soundtrack production is the theme of General Primo. What originally was just a rhythmic outro for "TAGAP 2 Theme Song" got a life of its own and grew into a menacing and flexible villain anthem, one that works brilliantly as both Hammond-infused rock and fully orchestral score. This is retcon at its finest; while the song already combined themes of Pablo ("TAGAP Theme Song") and Pedro (original "Challenge Him"), turning the outro into Primo's theme pretty much perfected it!

I'd love tell you more, but this foreword is already getting too long. But fear not; if you'd like to know more about the production of the music or would love to hear more behind-the-scenes anecdotes about individual songs, try to unlock the TAGAP 2 Jukebox by completing TAGAP 2 campaign. Jukebox covers all the in-game songs with detailed descriptions of each track – and you'll definitely start to appreciate all the hard work Petja put into this project. And hey, you can get to watch jammin' penguins while you're at it!

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin, 2011