Weekly Penguin

TAGAP is a new synonym for 'cult game'.

AcidPlay Reviewer's Choice

TAGAP has great graphics, enough violence to be satisfying but not enough to be gory. It has thumping tunes from start to finish. It's difficult, its challenging and is ultimately rewarding.



A great 2D platform shooter with cool graphics and sound. If you like this genre... you MUST have it!

5 / 5


The first thing you notice is how nice the graphics are. This thing has special effects up the wazoo, and it looks superb. But it's the frenetic pace of the action that is the game's true strength.

PC Action PC Games

With an awesome arsenal and impressive explosions the player shoots virtually everything in his path and on Earth. Catchy gameplay and an excellent soundtrack make TAGAP one of the definite gems of freeware gaming – and it's available for everyone to download right now.

5 / 5

Freeware Genius

A freeware game that offers a level of playability, attention to detail, and production qualities that you would expect in commercially released games, TAGAP is simply a gem.

5 / 5

A Fox's Thoughts

Guns, high explosives, destructible environments, and more penguins than you can shake a stick at. What more can you ask for?

VictoryGames VictoryGames medal

A big advantage of this game are excellent audiovisual effects practically not met in free games. Light effects, excellent backgrounds, heroes' graphics – all this makes your judgement soaring based on artistic value of this game. Besides, if we think that it took over 2 years to create this game, our judgement is going up again.

Pnle Hry

In short, TAGAP is a game not be refused from for several reasons; not only it offers insuperable adventure, it also doesn't fall in short on playability! So don't hesitate and download!

9 / 10


Sustained fire is our tuxedo-hero's best friend – keyboard deals the movement and mouse does the aiming. Soon the air is filled with gibs and scent of gunpowder.


It's full of sick and funny stuff like drug abusing penguins (I like the special effects you get when you take to much drugs and suffer from an overdose – reminded me of 'Matrix'), zombie penguins and Penguinators.


However, the gameplay itself is far from straightforward and the sheer number of brainwashed penguins that come at you make the action very frantic. The graphics in the program are quite interesting as they combine the classic 2D stylings of platform games with 3D elements, making for a very unique gaming experience.


I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the best action games of recent times. If you're turned off by the file size, be assured that this is definitely worth the big download.