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Weekly Penguin 185

As most of you probably already know, in January 2011 Riihimäki library hosted a mini-exhibition of Weekly Penguins past, present and future. And as we promised, here is the mini-exhibit photographed for everyone who missed it. Like you can see, this exhibit was a tiny fraction of the penguins I possess, but I guess they needed some room for the books there as well.

Back row; Matte-black piggy bank, plaster piggy bank, Reppana and his mum, plush penguin with a snowman, Patrick and Sandman.

Next; Wood figurine, self-made soapstone figurine, ceramic penguin from artist Susanna Lähde, first plaster figurine of 2011, Russian squeaky-toy, Winternet stress toy and OICQ CD case.

Center; Penguin radio, the other half of the chirpy duo, tin Christmas tree decoation, PengWins lottery tickets, Antarctic Dollars (one and two dollar bills), a three-piece set of glass penguin figurines from Studiolasi and Schleich Emperor Penguin chick figurine.

Also featured are TAGAP, soundtrack album of TAGAP, Pingu Hits featuring David Hasselhoff, Doctor Who audio drama special The Maltese Penguin and a selection of penguin stamps.

And don't worry, all penguins not yet introduced will get their own spotlights in the future.

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Added: 2011-02-22